Episode 1: My Journey

August 17 2020 – Jennifer Thyrion

Episode 1: My Journey

Episode 1: My Journey

Hey!!!! Jen here! So I wanted to make an intro podcast to tell you a lil bit about me, my journey and what my intentions for this podcast are. I have had this in my mind + heart for over 2 years...it feels so good to finally make it happen.

Currently I am on the couch, with a 13 day old baby in my lap, retyping this blog post because it was accidentally deleted (ugh!). We had a bit of a rough night so I am on very little sleep. #MomLife #CurrentlyGettingCaffeinated

In this episode you are going to hear what brought me to entrepreneurship and the drive behind it. I definitely "stumbled" into business ownership but I wouldn't change a thing. Over the years my passion for makers and boutique owners has grown with every year as I meet people in these communities that have so much passion and heart. I would love to bridge the gap between these two communities too as I feel every boutique should carry independent designers/small business/US made products. Small business, I believe, SHOULD be supporting other small businesses!! Cue all the Hallelujah hands!!

This won't be the first podcast where I share my journey. I will have frequent 
"check in" episodes about what is working for me and what is not. Podcasts will be available every Tuesday (Maker) and Thursday (boutique owner). I will have weekly "Mindset Monday" episodes that are just bite size episodes to start your week off right. Mindset shifts have been HUGE for me in biz ownership AND life - really, everything. 

Never hesitate to reach out to me! I want to know what YOU want to hear on the podcast, what you do/don't like + also if you are interested in being a guest!

I hope you love what you hear and I am so excited about what is in store for Glitter, Guts + Glory.

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