Episode 11: Shaker - Amazing Lemons Boutique

November 19 2020 – Jennifer Thyrion

Episode 11: Shaker - Amazing Lemons Boutique

Episode 11: Shaker - Amazing Lemons Boutique

Meet Tamara, I'm just a small-town girl (...insert song Don't Stop Believing)

But seriously I'm from a really small town in Missouri. The kind that you can't go to the grocery store without seeing every person you've ever known in your life! I'm a mom of three kiddos and a wife to a retired Army Veteran and airline pilot.

I moved to Colorado in February of 2014 when my husband was stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs. After my husband medically retired we decided it was time to move to his hometown of Castle Rock to be closer to family. Once we got to Castle Rock, I fell in love with this little/big town. If I'm being completely honest it was the downtown that stole my heart. It reminded me of the downtown where I grew up. I love all the little shops and restaurants you can only find in our downtown. 

I have always loved fashion and how wearing the right clothes can make you feel even more amazing. Opening my own boutique was always a secret dream of mine. I felt that the dream was so far out of my reach that I never really talked about it with anyone. After walking into some of the merchant markets in downtown Castle Rock, I realized that the dream I had was actually a possibility! After discussing my plan with my husband, Amazing Lemons Boutique was born April 2016. 

If you're still with me, I'm sure you're wondering why Amazing Lemons? Well I started a lifestyle blog a few years ago called Amazing Lemons because life throws some lemons your way that end up being pretty amazing. At least for me it has anyway. I let that blog go long ago, but when I wanted to start my clothing boutique the name I kept coming back to was Amazing Lemons, so here we are! 

Check out Amazing Lemons on: 

URL - https://www.amazinglemonsboutique.com/

FB -  https://www.facebook.com/amazinglemonsboutique/

IG -  https://www.instagram.com/amazinglemonsboutique/

In this episode, Tamara shares:

-Transitioning from a merchant market with other businesses to opening her own brick and mortar

-What resources she used as a self taught business owner

-The challenges that she faced during Covid

-Opening up about her health issues and staying positive while battling bell’s palsy

-The importance of self-care even while running your own business and balancing family life

-The importance of planning and having a business strategy

-Tips for on boarding quality employees

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