Episode 13: Shaker - Red Jacket Boutique

January 14 2021 – Jennifer Thyrion

Episode 13: Shaker - Red Jacket Boutique

Episode 13: Shaker - Red Jacket Boutique

Meet Kelsey, the owner of Red Jacket Boutique, or RJB as it’s commonly referred to by customers! Hailing from the half of Michigan that’s usually left off of maps and 200 miles away from the nearest mall, RJB was inspired by a serious shopping void. After working as a Medical Lab Scientist for 5 years, Kelsey went back to school for her MBA where she had the opportunity to work closely with small businesses, inspiring her to start her own. What started as a hobby and creative outlet from her job as a university course instructor quickly grew and in 2019 she took the leap and turned it into her full time career. When she’s not working, you can find her and her husband spending time outdoors or snuggled up with their new baby girl, fur baby boxer and a binge-worthy Netflix series. 

Check out Kelsey on: 

URL - https://www.shopredjacket/

FB -  https://www.facebook.com/groups/redjacketboutique

IG -  https://www.instagram.com/redjacketboutique/

In this episode, Kelsey shares:

-What she learned through trial and error while building her business

-Finding quality vendors online

-Utilizing her VIP group to focus on what styles to purchase 

-Learning to separate work and life and finding a balance between the two

-Transitioning to CommentsSold for better efficiency in her business

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