Episode 14: Shaker - The White Buffalo Co.

January 19 2021 – Jennifer Thyrion

Episode 14: Shaker - The White Buffalo Co.

Episode 14: Shaker - The White Buffalo Co.

Hi! I'm Traci, owner of The White Buffalo Co. I originally started as a small father daughter operation. I sold mostly my own creations like hand painted furniture and small crafts. Later I became interested in building furniture so my dad stepped in, as awesome dads usually do. He did most of the building and I... well, did everything else. As it grew I started meeting amazing people. Makers who were passionate about their products, charities that are pulling people out of terrible situations, entrepreneurs and small business owners that were hustling and making it happen. I fell in love with the people. The passion and love that was being poured into their businesses lit a fire in me. At that point The White Buffalo Co. shifted. I brought in the amazing artists and creators that I had met and blended them with my own creations. Relationships, passion, and wine drive this business. I strongly believe we are better together, because a rising tide lifts all ships in the harbor.

I wear a million hats... but these are just some of my favorites:

Daughter of the God of love

Mother of 2 EXTRAORDINARY ladies

Wife to one bad ass fella

Sister, daughter, friend

Adventurer... and TERRIBLE surfer

Check out Traci on: 

URL - https://www.thewhitebuffaloco.com

FB -  https://www.facebook.com/thewhitebuffaloco/

IG -  https://www.instagram.com/thewhitebuffaloco/

In this episode, Traci shares:

-How she got into her first merchant market how she went about procuring items when opening up a brand new shop

-Learning how to control her inventory and choosing styles that fit her personality when buying

-Finding her ideal customer and building a cohesive brand

-How she sets competition aside in a merchant market setting

-Why it’s important to ask tough questions when starting any new endeavor

-Her best advice on working under the roof of a merchant market in order to be successful

-Setting and managing expectations in business and life

-Dealing with criticism and finding your ideal customer in the process

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