Episode 15: Shaker - Lu and Elle

January 21 2021 – Jennifer Thyrion

Episode 15: Shaker - Lu and Elle

Episode 15: Shaker - Lu and Elle

Lu & Elle handbags are globally inspired and mindfully made. Inspired by effortless style and world travel, these bags are a perfect companion to the modern lifestyle. What started as a side hustle to get through some vintage fabrics became a full time business 4 years later for owner and creative director, Kendall Zundel. She is inspired by different cultures, community and giving back to a new charity each year.

Check out Kendall on: 

URL - https://www.luandelle.com/

FB -  https://www.facebook.com/luandelle/

IG -  https://www.instagram.com/luandelle/

In this episode, Kendall shares:

-Growing her wholesale business organically

-How she built her customer base through doing markets on the weekends

-The application process for Faire.com

-The process of raising her prices to better align with her wholesale market

-How she outsources to accommodate her business needs

-Procuring materials that make her bags unique, one of a kind items

-Re-evaluating business needs and relying on community during a global pandemic

-How important it is to build relationships and network at events with other businesses

-Why she decided to start working with a business coach

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