Episode 16: Shaker - Twirl

February 02 2021 – Jennifer Thyrion

Episode 16: Shaker - Twirl

Episode 16: Shaker - Twirl

Alissa was born and raised in Georgetown Colorado and then moved to Littleton for Middle and high school and has always had a passion for fashion which she credits her grandmother for.  When she was little and would stay with her grandparents she would run to her grandmother's closet and put on a pair of heels and some costume jewelry and walk around the house and from that her passion was born.  She went on to attend Northern Arizona University and received a degree in Merchandising with a minor in advertising and did a summer abroad at the Paris Fashion Institute in Paris France where she went to a couple Paris fashion shows and studied  under a few of the most brilliant designers and editors.  Alissa also attended the Make-Up Designory in Los Angeles to add makeup artistry to her styling services to help create the entire look.  Before Alissa founded Twirl she worked as a wardrobe stylist in Los Angeles working with clients such as celebrities, Nike and Uncut Magazine.  She then worked as Manager for a high end local store where she learned from the best about how to run a store, inventory and so much more.  She later founded Twirl and later Sugar Plum Bazaar as well as a jewelry line Alexandra Bousquet Designs where she creates mala beads and heirloom jewelry created with semi-precious stones and vintage pieces.  

Check out Alissa on: 

URL - https://www.thetwirlgirl.com/

FB -  https://www.facebook.com/thetwirlgirl

IG -  https://www.instagram.com/thetwirlgirl/

In this episode, Alissa shares:

-How she started Twirl from home parties and doing markets

-Turning a workspace into a store front and how she built a following

-How she saw a need for others to have a place to sell their products and created her own market

-The ups and downs of running her own market, Sugar Plum Bazaar

-The pros and cons and what to know before going into business with a partner

-The deciding factors that went into closing her brick and mortar and shifting her business model

-Planning and strategizing the future of Twirl during a pandemic


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