Episode 8: Maker - BuxieJo Bags

September 29 2020 – Jennifer Thyrion

Episode 8: Maker - BuxieJo Bags

Episode 8: Maker - BuxieJo Bags

BuxieJo is Modern, Rustic and Badass wearable art for the Fashionable Adventurer. We create each bag in sunny Colorado using materials from all US based businesses.

Our ethically sourced cowhides and leathers are all hand-picked for their beauty and quality.

We are luxury with a conscious, donating a portion of all sales to Mental Health Colorado as well as the 5280 chapter of Black Lives Matter.

BuxieJo is truly a stand up brand that STANDS OUT! 

Check out BuxieJo Bags on: 

You can find her at the following: 

URL - https://www.buxiejobags.com/

FB -  https://www.facebook.com/buxiejobags

IG -  https://www.instagram.com/buxiejo/

 In this episode, Kerrin shares:

-How she keeps a cohesive business model while still creating one of a kind pieces

-Learning lessons through other creative and non-creative business endeavors that eventually brought her to Buxiejo

-Adjusting her business model to adapt to Covid

-Making connections with other business owners organically

-How traveling and meeting people face to face is important to her brand

-Her approach to sending out newsletters to keep in touch with her customers

-Knowing her worth when creating in a niche market

-Growing pains of scaling her business and finding perspective in the process


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