Episode 3: Shaker - Albany James

August 03 2020 – Jennifer Thyrion

Episode 3: Shaker - Albany James

Episode 3: Shaker - Albany James

I’m Anastasia!

Previous boutique owner, present creative rewriting my journey. 

On a mission to help always in all ways. 

On a micro level, one part espresso, one part Dorito.

Passionate about curating outfits, experiences, business development, and lewks served hot.

You can find out what Anastasia is up to on IG @StyleAlbanyJames

I loved having Anastasia as our first boutique owner on the show. I knew she would be so transparent about her journey and her decision to close Albany James. As business owners, I think one thing we all share is the fear of having to stop doing something that we love. Business has many ups and downs...this candid interview gives some insight into that fear but also, what "failure" really means and what beautiful things can arise!

In this episode, Anastasia shares:

- The inspiration behind her style 
- How she went from going to school for law into being a boutique owner!
- Her experience with hiring a mentor- the do's and don'ts. 
- How opening a boutique in a growing area can be a good thing.....and then maybe not so much.
- Her first "mistake" in business that led to the fate of Albany James
- The surprising reason that Albany James did not succeed....and how that is only going to benefit her on the next step in her journey.
- What she would do differently if she were to do it all over again!


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