Episode 2: Maker - Harper Made

August 03 2020 – Jennifer Thyrion

Episode 2: Maker - Harper Made

Episode 2: Maker - Harper Made

Amanda Harper started creating jewelry in 2013 while living in her hometown of Nashville, TN.  She proceeded to pack up her tools and gems and head west to Colorado. After being fired from her job in 2015, she decided to stop putting her energy into things she wasn’t passionate about and go for Harper Made full time.  She has loved showcasing her designs at art fairs, trade shows, Etsy and small boutiques across the country ever since. 

Check out Harper Made on Instagram @_HarperMade + shopharpermade.com

These are just a few things that Amanda shared on this episode:

- How she started creating jewelry with no training or past experience.

- What led her to taking Harper Made full time, a forced but necessary leap!

- How she STARTED off her business with a wholesale mindset and how that has served her.

- What kept her going while growing her business

- What markets have done for her business and how she feels about them a few years in the game!

- She shares her experience + tips with participating in the Vegas POOL market and what that has done for her wholesale business.

- Her view on community over competition

- What she has in store for Harper Made 

- Last but not least, she shares advice for anyone who is an aspiring jewelry maker!


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