Makers + Shakers

  • Episode 16: Shaker - Twirl

    Episode 16: Shaker - Twirl

    February 02 2021 – Jennifer Thyrion

    Alissa was born and raised in Georgetown Colorado and then moved to Littleton for Middle and high school and has always had a passion for fashion which she credits her grandmother for.  When she was little and would stay with her grandparents she would run to her grandmother's closet and put on a pair of heels and some costume jewelry...

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  • Episode 15: Shaker - Lu and Elle

    Episode 15: Shaker - Lu and Elle

    January 21 2021 – Jennifer Thyrion

    Lu & Elle handbags are globally inspired and mindfully made. Inspired by effortless style and world travel, these bags are a perfect companion to the modern lifestyle. What started as a side hustle to get through some vintage fabrics became a full time business 4 years later for owner and creative director, Kendall Zundel. She is inspired by different cultures,...

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  • Episode 14: Shaker - The White Buffalo Co.

    Episode 14: Shaker - The White Buffalo Co.

    January 19 2021 – Jennifer Thyrion

    Hi! I'm Traci, owner of The White Buffalo Co. I originally started as a small father daughter operation. I sold mostly my own creations like hand painted furniture and small crafts. Later I became interested in building furniture so my dad stepped in, as awesome dads usually do. He did most of the building and I... well, did everything else....

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  • Episode 13: Shaker - Red Jacket Boutique

    Episode 13: Shaker - Red Jacket Boutique

    January 14 2021 – Jennifer Thyrion

    Meet Kelsey, the owner of Red Jacket Boutique, or RJB as it’s commonly referred to by customers! Hailing from the half of Michigan that’s usually left off of maps and 200 miles away from the nearest mall, RJB was inspired by a serious shopping void. After working as a Medical Lab Scientist for 5 years, Kelsey went back to school...

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  • Episode 11: Shaker - Amazing Lemons Boutique

    Episode 11: Shaker - Amazing Lemons Boutique

    November 19 2020 – Jennifer Thyrion

    Meet Tamara, I'm just a small-town girl (...insert song Don't Stop Believing) But seriously I'm from a really small town in Missouri. The kind that you can't go to the grocery store without seeing every person you've ever known in your life! I'm a mom of three kiddos and a wife to a retired Army Veteran and airline pilot. I moved...

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  • Episode 9: Shaker - Intrigue Boutique

    Episode 9: Shaker - Intrigue Boutique

    October 01 2020 – Jennifer Thyrion

    Amanda opened Intrigue Boutique in 2015 alongside her business partner and longtime friend Jill.  After a few years Amanda couldn't ignore her love for interior design and went back to school in the field. That's where Amanda met Lisa and Madison, who she would open Form Studio in March 2020. Amanda is a long time animal lover, and when she's...

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