As a Maker

This is what my journey has looked like...

Take classes at bead stores in Las Vegas (when bead stores EXISTED- OMG!) …

Learn + then develop my own style

Dabble and make items for friends and family

Put up designs on Etsy

Take it down from Etsy (and repeat that 10 more times LOL)

2013 - Convinced myself I need a fancy website + logo - paid way too much money for a designer

2014 - never sold a damn thing on that fancy website - never used it because I then changed my biz name - opened the small boutique space

2014-2017 - Sold my jewelry designs in the boutiques and local markets

With the expansion of the boutiques + having my beautiful baby in Oct 2018, focus and time was taken away from jewelry making. There was a big pause for two years, which made me evaluate how I want to spend my time. I missed creating. I made the decision to downsize and proceeded to close 3 boutique locations in mid 2019 and early 2020.

Here we are! 2020! And what a year it has been...ahh! It has been a roller coaster with business and emotions. The boutique closed for 6 weeks, which was super hard but also enlightening. I was forced to look at my priorities and what I wanted to keep and which ones I didn't love. It enabled me to focus on jewelry, get in the studio when I could, and LOVED IT!

I began to put my jewelry designs online. I am currently, (this is June 2020), working on new collections, having fun making one-of-a-kind items and looking forward to expanding our online shop and sharing the process on the podcast!

As a Shaker

April 2014 - opened the 200 sq foot small space - totally clueless just wanted to sell my handmade jewelry. Didn’t know how to purchase wholesale or any aspect of business LOL

2015 - I finally quit my full time massage therapist position to dedicate to the boutique

2014 + 2015 - I struggled to be clear on what Love Harper was all about and what the hell I was doing. Inventory? Taxes? ROI? With ZERO retail/business experience it was challenging to say the least

2016 - I expanded to my 2nd location + expanded 1st location

2017 - I expanded to my 3rd location + expanded 1st location 

2018 - I invested and went big into my 4th location + expanded 1st location

2019 - learned big lessons, personally + business, on expanding. Realized it was not making me happy so made steps toward big changes - downsized to 2 locations. 

2020 (so far) - Have ONE boutique location - down to the OG shop (which is now over 800 sq feet), did a total REVAMP of that location,  getting back to my first passion - jewelry making! Launching the new collection on loveharperboutique.com AND the biggest, baddest thing - launched the life-changing Glitter, Guts + Glory!