So many great resources are shared from our guests on Glitter, Guts + Glory. Find them all here + which episode they are mentioned. Dig in!



Creative Pep Talk with Andy J. Pizza (Episode 4+6 with Craft Boner)

The BossBabe Podcast (Episode 9 with Intrigue Boutique)

How I Built This with Guy Raz (Episode 9 with Intrigue Boutique)

The Nasty Girls Podcast with Amy Tomlinson and Olivia Pelts (Episode 9 with Intrigue Boutique)



Tradeshow Bootcamp (Episode 4+6 with Craft Boner)

Emily Benson (Episode 7 with Walter Green Boutique)

Rachel Hollis (Episode 10 with Amazing Lemons Boutique)


Websites (Episode 15 with Lu and Elle) (Episode 15 with Lu and Elle) (Episode 15 with Lu and Elle)



Conscience Capitalism by John Mackey (Episode 18 with Arsenal Wares)